PC Applications

Program Description

Clock Hours: 300 The objective of the PC Applications program is to offer keyboarding and computer applications training. This objective is obtained by creating a learning plan for each student that is most consistent with his/her occupational and individual needs. The program will prepare students for entry-level positions in the business and computer field in a variety of different types of organizations. Job titles associated with these types of skills are quite diverse and include, but are not limited to: Word Processor; Secretary; Data Entry Operator; Administrative Assistant; Computer Operator; Data Processing Technician; Receptionist; Information Processing/Data Entry Technician; General Office/Clerical and Typing Services; Administrative & Secretarial Services and Business Information and Data Processing Services. *While C.D.E. CAREER INSTITUTE actively assists students in their job search; we cannot guarantee employment to any student. If local employment opportunities are not available, relocation may be necessary.   Program Components The PC Applications program offers individualized learning plans with 3 major areas of concentration:

  • Microcomputer Keyboarding – instruction in developing speed and accuracy in the use of PC keyboards.
  • Operating Systems – students focus on the Windows operating system environment.
  • PC Applications – instruction utilizing Microsoft Office application software on Windows based  computers.  Individual program design varies.  Software programs offered include Word Processing, Spreadsheet Applications, Presentation Graphics and Database Management and Email.
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Academic Requirements for Graduation from the PC Applications Program:

Upon completion of this program, all students will be able to:

  • Keyboard at a minimum rate of 35 words per minute;
  • Demonstrate basic proficiencies in the Windows operating system as demonstrated by earning a grade of 2.0, or better, in the introductory course;
  • Demonstrate advanced proficiencies in at least two PC applications as demonstrated by earning a grade of 2.0, or better, in the Basic, Intermediate (where applicable) and Advanced courses of the chosen applications.

Students must earn a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.0 to graduate from the program.  While attendance is not calculated into individual course grades or the overall GPA, students must be scheduled for  a minimum of 90% of the program’s total clock hours through scheduled attendance or make-up sessions, achieve a minimum attendance rate of at least 70%, and receive a final grade for all courses in order to graduate from the program. There will be no charge for make-up sessions.

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Admissions Criteria

For admission, students must be High School graduates, or possess a GED.

Delivery Method

Instructor Led

Program Structure
Introduction to Windows
Managing Windows
PC Applications (Microsoft Office Suite)
Job Readiness
Microcomputer Keyboarding
The possibilities are as limitless as each individual’s needs are unique So is the program that can be tailored to meet these needs.
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I lucked out in finding a wonderful group of people to share a change of career with. Now it seems more like a family and what seemed like an eternity is gone by so fast. The opportunity is there for those who are willing to put in the work. it might be fast paced, but you are not alone. The instructors and support staff are there to help, Like everything else in life you reap what you sow.

Tina Gonzalez



Really an extraordinarily educative and amazing school to attend as a student. Great Education. Safe learning environment. An area where opportunities are hardly missed. Pushes you to your greatest potential.

Sandra Dorado



Excellent school with great staff and teachers!!!!

Anyenali Marte

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