Go Even Further

Advance Your Career

It doesn’t need to stop with your first job after graduation. Lifelong career placement planning is available to all successful graduates of our programs.

Certify in Your Field

CDE Career Institute also offers career training services to prepare students for certification exams in the fields of Office Administration, Medical Office Administration and Information Technology. Your certification tells the employer that you have met industry proficiency standards – and demonstrates your commitment to a career – in that field.

Achieve a Degree

Successful completion of your technical training course will not only help you start a new career, but will give you the confidence to keep moving forward if you choose. Many CDE alumni go on to obtain Associate’s and Baccalaureate degrees in their chosen fields after graduation from CDE. Some employers even offer assistance to advance your education once hired. Take your first step here.

Gain Confidence in Your Existing Career

Even if you choose to remain in your current position, the additional technical skills you’ve gained from your training program will help improve your performance while building your confidence. This may increase your earning potential.