Career Services

Get Ready – Choose your career path

At CDE Career Institute, we are concerned, not only with your education, but also with guiding you to discover a rewarding career path. Whether you need new skills or enhancements to your current abilities, our Career Services Department can provide career counseling to help you evaluate your present capabilities and career interests. Let CDE provide you with career guidance to select a training opportunity to reach your goals.

CDE's career services helped these students make smart training choices.The Career Assessment will:

  • Review your current skill level.
  • Inform you of the high demand career choices available.
  • Identify the skills sets required.
  • Notify you of entry-level salaries.
  • Relate growth potential.
  • Develop a training plan that allows you to enter or advance in your career path.

Get Set – Prepare for your career

While you are attending classes at CDE Career Institute, our faculty and staff will help to keep you motivated and focused on your goals. In addition to your technical training, we also provide career guidance to help you develop the critical interpersonal and presentation skills needed to impress potential employers and get hired. Our Career Services Staff guide you one-on-one to develop and implement an effective job search strategy that includes:

  • Establishing career objectives
  • Conducting market research strategies
  • Job placement assistance

Go – Start your future

Career Placement assistance is available to all individuals enrolled in any of our diploma programs. Career placement is an ongoing process that begins with the career assessment, includes development and implementation of a job search strategy, and concludes with the acceptance of a job offer. As you approach graduation and enter the job market CDE Career Institute will continue to support you along the way. Our professional staff will assist you to:

  • Build a powerful resume (that includes any certifications you received)
  • Prepare an effective cover letter
  • Develop successful interview skills utilizing mock interviewing techniques
  • Create a memorable thank-you letter
  • Assess job offers
  • Provide ongoing guidance to succeed

*While CDE Career Institute actively assists students in their job search; we cannot guarantee employment to any student. If local employment opportunities are not available, relocation may be necessary.